Business Continuity

Business continuity plan disclosure by Triago Americas, inc.

Triago Americas, Inc. is required (under FINRA Rule 4370 to disclose to our customers and potential customers how our business continuity plan addresses the possibility of a future significant business disruption, and how we plan to respond to events of varying scope.

Our business continuity plan undergoes regular review and assessment and is therefore subject to modification. Any modified plan will be posted on our Web site. Alternatively you may obtain an updated plan by requesting a written copy of the plan by mail.

The following scenarios have been contemplated and for each we are disclosing how we will deal with the particular business disruption, in order to remain available to you and to allow your investments to be made without undue difficulty or time constraints to you. 

Our business as broker/dealer Is limited to advising on primary or secondary private placements of unlisted securities. We do not hold funds, manage assets, broker exchange-traded securities nor deal with retail investors. We therefore believe that the following measures suffice to deal with disruption of our business.

Firm-Only Business Disruption

How business will continue in an on-going manner: In the event that our immediate office premises become unavailable for a period of less than 6 consecutive hours, our firm will pause all non-telecommunications activity while the disruption is dealt with.

Telecommunications between our clients and our staff will be maintained as follows:

  1. incoming telephone calls and faxes will be diverted at the level of our domestic switchboard to remotely-located staff, who will be able to redirect them as necessary (including to our staff on their direct cellular phone numbers)
  2. incoming emails will not be affected as we maintain our message servers off-site and our staff has secure access to them from their portable computers. In the event that such disruption lasts more than 6 hours, we will proceed as if the situation were a business building disruption (see below).

Planned / estimated recovery time: 1 hour for telecommunications activity and 6 hours for all other activity.

Business Building Disruption

How business will continue in an on-going manner: In the event of building evacuation or similarly disruptive building events, the firm will maintain telecommunications activity as mentioned above, but will pause all other activity until all staff is accounted for at our alternative business building site. This will either be a business center with which the firm has a standby agreement or a suitably equipped lodging or domicile. Non-critical business activity (including analysis and clerical administrative operations) will be diverted to remotely-located staff or suspended. All clients will receive a message alerting them to the situation and posting an estimated recovery time. Reporting to clients should not be affected as all such information is mirrored in electronic form at off-site computer servers.

Planned / estimated recovery time: 1 hour for telecommunications activity and 6 to 24 hours for all other activity.

Business-District Disruption

How business will continue in an on-going manner: District-wide disruption will be dealt with as above, but the alternative business building site will be at more remote location, increasing recovery time. In addition, as a precautionary measure should district-wide disruption last more than 36 hours, arrangements will begin to be made for transferring all activity outside of the district as if a city-wide disruption were in effect.

Planned / estimated recovery time: 1 hour for telecommunications activity and 12 to 36 hours for all other activity.

City-Wide and Regional Business Disruption

How business will continue in an on-going manner: City-wide and regional business disruption will be dealt with by relocating the firm’s activities to a back-up location outside of the region or to a fully electronic means of remote operation. In practice, this will mean that all non-critical aspects of the Firm’s business will be on pause and most of our staff not directly available via telecommunications during the relocation phase. Reporting to clients will be maintained in reduced format during the relocation phase. Clients will be sent messages reporting on the situation, providing alternate contact information and posting and estimated recovery time. Should the disruption last more than 5 business days, arrangements will be made to maintain our firm’s premises but operate in a fully remote manner away from those premises including via electronic means from individual remote locations of staff members.

Planned / estimated recovery time: Between 5 business days and the actual day of permanent relocation.

Should you require a copy of the Business Continuity Plan for Triago Americas, Inc. please contact us at the phone number mentioned for us above in this same page or using the Email Inquiries information mentioned above.