The Triago Review & Outlook – Winter 2022-2023

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Dear Reader,

Private equity and the wider global society in which it operates have confronted a broadening range of potential dangers over the past year. But PE and many of the sectors and economies in which it invests are proving reassuringly resilient, adapting to headwinds even as we cycle through uncertainty; what we called the new normal in these pages a year ago.

Private equity’s health and sheer inventiveness in tough times are demonstrated here (and contrasted with other less dynamic, more passive ownership models) from our roundtable on how general partners are financing growth using GP currency, to our item on limited partners zeroing in on recession-resistant assets through targeted direct investment. Indeed, in an anxious world, PE’s ability to produce strong returns may be better than many imagine.

As always, we hope the information found here helps you make the right business and investment decisions. To all, we wish health and happiness over the holidays and a joyful 2023!


The Triago Team

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